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03/18/2014, 10:45am EDT
By Detroit City FC

Detroit City Supporters, Followers, and Fans:

In just two years, Detroit City FC has proudly become one of the most compelling stories in minor league soccer. Thanks to the many efforts of Detroit City’s staff, players, and die-hard supporters, the club has already achieved tremendous success and earned a great deal of attention and respect from the national soccer community. That said, our original goal as an ownership group remains at the forefront: we wish to become a sustainable organization that can highlight our beloved city and the beautiful game.

In 15 years, we want our kids wearing our jerseys not because they found them in a resale shop, but because we have a game that weekend. In our vision, sustainability means instilling in college coaches around the Midwest a confidence that sending us their top players will give those boys the opportunity to hone their skills and gain the invaluable experience of playing in an electric atmosphere. It means selling out every game so that we can retain the highest caliber players in the area and appeal to the type of sponsors that could one day help us to build a pitch of our own. It means creating an interface between supporters and players that is one-of-a-kind, and building upon our already-extensive fan base. It means Detroit City FC becoming one of the only 4th-tier soccer teams in the US to hire a full-time general manager—a step we are proud to say has already been taken. And above all else, sustainability means that for all events, at all venues, we are welcome and respected guests.

There is nowhere we would rather play than Cass Tech; they have been great to us, and we owe them the same. In order to maintain our good standing as tenants, we are going to be making the following changes to our game day experience:

• Chants, signs, and tifos that contain the F-word will not be permitted.
• Scarves or apparel with the F-word are not to be worn inside the stadium. Please leave them at home or in your car.
• As was the case in past seasons, alcohol will not be permitted inside the stadium or on DPS property.
• Fans will not be allowed re-entry into the stadium.

Simply put, we believe the aforementioned regulations are necessary if we are to achieve our ultimate goal of becoming a sustainable organization.

When fan favorite Adam Bedell was injured early in the 2013 season, we saw the look on his face as he was left for the hospital, and we shared his concern that playing for DCFC might have negatively affected his dream of one day playing professional soccer. A few games later, when Adam returned to the stands, his wrist wrapped in a cast, we saw a much different look on his face. As Adam looked across the field toward the supporter’s section, he was greeted with a giant tifo that had been created in his honor: it read, “GET WELL BEDELL.” Adam hung it in his dorm room, trained, rehabbed, and got fit just in time for his final season as a college soccer player. Months later, he was drafted and signed by theColumbus Crew; he has already played in his first official match, a 3-0 win over DC United.

There is no other team in the US – on any level – that can tell a story like that. DCFC has the most passionate and creative supporters in the country, and their connection to our players is unparalleled. Preserving and strengthening that connection guides us in every decision we make—so too does our desire to present our beloved Detroit in a way that makes her the envy of the national soccer community. We plan to be around for a long time to come. And we hope that you, our supporters, will trust that these changes have been designed with that very plan in mind.

City ‘til We Die,

David Dwaihy
Todd Kropp
Sean Mann
Ben Steffans
Alex Wright

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