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06/04/2020, 2:50pm EDT
By Detroit City FC

We appreciate that quite a few of our supporters have reached out to us about what they or DCFC could be doing to help upend the criminal justice system and end police brutality that is devastating our Black communities. 

It is humbling that people think of us during this time, and we've tried to reflect deeply on that responsibility and the privilege that we enjoy. It is clear that this goes beyond social media hashtags, platitudes, and the fundraising links of this moment. Now is the time for action to bring about wholesale change to end white supremacy, which is the root of inequality in our country. 

First and foremost, police must stop murdering Black people. Our focus must also go beyond our broken criminal justice system and extend to every institution of our society-- from environmental regulations and housing to healthcare, banking, and education-- that create and maintain racial inequities in our country.

We are imperfect messengers, but we realize that to remain silent is to be complicit.  We also recognize that in responding to this crisis at times we may say the wrong things, overlook components of this struggle against oppression, and fail to represent all voices in this fight. But we remain committed to the open dialogue that is required to work on these incredibly complex issues. When it comes to using our platform, we must listen to and amplify the voices of the leaders in the Black community and support and highlight the organizations that are fighting back against the many root causes of systemic racism in our community.

We ask that you engage and support the efforts of Black Lives Matters, Detroit Justice Center, the Detroit and Michigan Chapter of National Lawyers Guild, among many other invaluable local and national organizations taking a lead at the moment.  

Below are a few organizations that DCFC has supported through our charity kits in the past. They are working hard to address some of the many causes and impacts of systemic inequality in our community and we recommend you follow, support, and amplify them to the best of your ability:

-We the People of Detroit: A organization started and run by Black women in Detroit fighting to maintain water access as a basic human right.
-United Community Housing Coalition: Fighting for individuals' housing rights and against an unjust foreclosure process that has decimated Black neighborhoods across the city.
-Detroit PAL: With predominantly Black leadership and staff, and incorporating thousands of community and police volunteers as coaches, for over 50 years this organization has provided countless Detroit youth with access to sports and other positive programming.
-Ruth Ellis Center: Driven by racial equity and transformative justice they work with the vulnerable and homeless LGBTQ youth of Detroit.
- Alternatives for Girls: A shelter and resource center for at-risk and homeless girls and young women, primarily of color, in Detroit. 

This is not an exhaustive list, and we all owe it to this cause to do our own research and support the people doing the hard work to bring change to Detroit and this country. 

We firmly believe it is on each of us to critically ask how we play a role in the inequities that exist in our society. As stewards of this organization, for us it means changing where we invest our money, the vendors we hire, how we grow our youth programs to provide more opportunities for Black youth on the field, and how we create more career opportunities within our organization for people of color. 

We live in one of the most segregated regions in the country.  We ask that you join us in considering your own role in this system. To effect change each of us has a responsibility to critically examine our own behavior, to listen with empathy and compassion to opposing viewpoints, and to do the uncomfortable work that is required to truly address these long-term systemic issues. We hope you will join us in making small changes, but keep the racial inequities in our community at the forefront of your mind for the big and difficult choices that shape your life. The values that are easy to espouse on social media require commitment to implement in real life. Where you choose to live, to bank, to shop, to send your kids to school, to spend your time and money matters. Our actions matter. Let's do the work together and show that Black lives matter today, tomorrow, and every day.

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